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Ezhou Ebei-Eya Baby Products Co., Ltd

Ezhou Ebei-Eya Baby Products Co., Ltd. is a specialized manufacturing company which works for children's safety protective equipment in a complete field, including research and development, design, produce and sale. The company now has a factory that covers an area of more than 2000 square meters equipped with advanced mould manufacturing, injection molding and production processes. Over years, the company has earned customers praise from home and abroad. By firmly sticking to the principle of producing high-qualified products and offering a well-considered service. We have an excellent product development team, from market research to product design, production and effective management of the entire process, so the products are developing in a more forward looking and humane way. The company will introduce several new products each year to meet the market demand, so we are always standing at the forefront of the industry.

Our Purpose: Quality of service, innovation and breakthroughs, efficiency management, harmony and development.

Hopefully to be your Honest Trustworthy Supplier .



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Very good product. I have a 15month old son and 3 year old daughter who would open the dresser and freezer in our French door refrigerator all day long. They would pull out food and feed it to the dog or throw it on the floor. This thing has been incredible. Easy to install, easy to use but my toddlers can't figure it out. It's amazing for us. -- Tonia Brooks

This product is great! It’s super simple to use and is doing a good job keeping my toddler away from pitching his fingers.This is great when you don't want to use the cabinet locks that you screw in. The stick on locks my son would rip off but this has worked so far! -- Kayla Brooks